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More names of Polish Rescuers Killed While Helping Jews

400. NOWAK, (Christian name unknown) his daughter

killed on June 22, 1943, for Teofil’s involvment in aiding Jewish people. Maria and Stanisław Wierzbanowski, Zębala (no first name) and Katarzyna Żnuda with her children, were shot at the same time (see: 644-645, 698, 702-704)
401. NOWAK, (Christian name unknown) from Wierzbica, near Kozłów, Kielce pr

402. NOWAK, (Christian name unknown), daughter

shot on Jan. 29, 1943 for sheltering the Wandelsman family, also killed (see: 289-292)
403. NOWOTNIK, Stanisław, 45, farmer, living at ¦wiesielice, Radom prov.
murdered on Dec. 7, 1942 in a group of 14 people by gendarmes from ;Ciepielów for help given to Jews (see: 84)
404. NOYSZEWSKA, Ewa, Mother Superior of the convent of the Immaculate Conception, Słonim (place incorporated after the war into Soviet Ukraine)
shot in 1941 with sister Marta Wołowska for sheltering Jews in the nunnery (see: 674)

405. OBUCHIEWICZ, Piotr, 58, living at Ciepielów, Radom prov.

406. OBUCHIEWICZ, Helena, 35, his wife

407. OBUCHIEWICZ, Władysław, 6, son

408. OBUCHIEWICZ, Zofia, 3, daughter

409. OBUCHIEWICZ, Janina, 2, daughter

410. OBUCHIEWICZ (Christian name unknown), 7 month old baby

died on Dec. 6, 1942 when military police burned alive 33 villagers from Ciepielów and Rekówka, for sheltering Jews (see: 267-273)

411. OCHMIŃSKI, (Christian name unknown) living at Wola Przybysławska, near Garbów, Lublin prov

burned alive on Dec. 10, 1942 with 4 members of his family in a mass execution carried out at the village where Jews were sheltered (see: 3-6)
412. OLESIUK, Wojciech, 53, farmer, from Chominna, near Łomazy, Biała Podlaska prov.

413. OLESIUK, Stefania, 40, his wife

414. OLESIUK, Piotr, 14, son

415. OLESIUK, Stefan, 9, son

416. OLESIUK, Szymon, 3, son

shot on Nov. 7, 1943 at Chominna village by military police from Wisznice for sheltering a Jew, who also perished
417. OLSZEWSKA, Maria, 42, living at Skórnice, near Końskie, Kielce prov.

418. OLSZEWSKA Janina, 30, wife of Henryk

419. OLSZEWSKA, Krystyna, 9, Janina’s daughter

420. OLSZEWSKA, Zofia, 1, Janina’s daughter

421, OLSZEWSKI, Bogdan, 2, Janina’s son

422. OLSZEWSKI, Jan, 5, Janina’s son

423. OLSZEWSKI, Marian, 10, Maria’s son

424. OLSZEWSKI, Leon, 19, Maria’s son

425. OLSZEWSKI, Henryk, 33, Maria’s step-son

On April 16, 1943 Germans discovered 11 members of the Weintraub family sheltered by the Olszewskis in a specially built dug-out. Henryk and Leon were taken by the police and their fate is unknown. The other 7 members of he family were killed in their house
426. OPAROWSKI, Stanisław, 46, living at Wi¶niowa, Rzeszów probv.
shot be gendarmes with a group of people in June 1943 at Markuszowa village for rendering help to Jews hiding in the forest (see: 76-78, 467, 608, 694)
427. ORGANI¦CIAK, Adam, 63, from Przewrotne, near Głogów Małopolski, Rzeszów prov.

428. ORGANI¦CIAK, Wojciech, 58

429. ORGANI¦CIAK, Józef, 37

430. ORGANI¦CIAK, Aniela, 34

431. ORGANI¦CIAK, Andrzej, 31

432. ORGANI¦CIAK, Franciszek, 31

433. ORGANI¦CIAK, Józef, 31

killed on Mar. 13, 1943, in a mass execution in the village Przewrotne for sheltering Jews
434. OSIKOWICZ, Andrzej, priest, living in Borysław (incorporated after the war into the Soviet Ukraine)
died in Majdanek concentration camp, having been sent there for helping Jews and for encouraging his parishioners to the the same
435. OSIŃSKI, Władysław, 63, living at Józefów, near Warsaw
arrested on Oct. 20, 1942 and shot shortly afterwards for help to Jews
436. OSOJCA, Franciszek, 33, farmer, living at Okół, near Ostrowiec ¦więtokrzyski, Kielce prov.

437. OSOJCA, Aniela, 28, his wife

438. OSOJCA, Jan, 2, son

shot by gendarnes from Lipsko on Dec. 14, 1942, for help to Jews
439. OSTROWSKA, Julianna, 80, living at Wolica, near Kozłów, Kielce prov.
killed in a massacre at her daughter’s, Anna Kucharska’s house on Jan. 29, 1943, for Kucharski’s role in sheltering Jews (see: 294-298)
440. OWCZAREK, Karolina, 38, living at Konary, near Częstochowa
arrested for help rendered to Jews and sentenced to death by a special court in Częstochowa, on June 1, 1944. Shot on Nov. 2, 1944

441. PACZKA, Rozalia, 53, from Wola Rafałowska, near Chmielnik, Rzeszów pr.

shot by military police on Oct. 4, 1943, for sheltering Jews
442. PADUCH, Wiktoria, living in Radom
sentenced to death together with others on Apr. 3, 1943, by a special court in Radom, for rendering help to Sala Rubinowicz and Elsa Schwarzman in their escape from ghetto (see: 59-60)
443. PAJĄK, Jan, 27, living at Matysówka, near Tyczyn, Rzeszów prov.
shot on Oct. 15, 1943 at Tyczyn in a group fo 5 Poles sentenced to death for helping Jews (see: 191)
444. PAŁASZEWSKI, Leon, 42, living in Chełm

445. PAŁASZEWSKA, Helena Stanisława, 34, his wife

shot by gendarmes on Jan. 6, 1942, for helping Jews
446. PANECZKO, Franciszek, from Wierzchowisko, near Wolbrom, Katowice pr.

447. PANECZKO, Jan

shot on Mar. 5, 1943 at Wierzchowisko for sheltering Jews
448. PAPCIAK, (name unknown) from Kaczorowy, near Jasło, Krosno prov.
shot by gendarmes in 1943 for giving help to Jews
449. PASTERNAK, Piotr, living at Bór Kunowski, near Brody, Kielce prov.
killed by Germans on July 4, 1943 for helping Jewish people
450. PATROŃSKI, Wojciech, living at Szklary, near Hyżne, Rzeszów prov.
shot in 1943 at Szklary, with the 3 sheltered Jews
451. PAWLAK, Teofil, farmer, living at Kruszew, near Pniewy, Radom prov.
killed with the 2 sheltered Jews on July 13, 1943 by military police from Grójec
452. PAZIUK, Tadeusz, civil servant, living in Cracow
sentenced to death by a special court of the commander of the SS and the Cracow District Police for helping and sheltering Jews. Announcement published on Jan. 29, 1944
453. PAZUR, Anna living at Wawer, near Warsaw

454. PAZUR, Jan

shot by gendarmes from Rembertów on Mar. 3, 1944, together with the Jewsthey sheltered: Herman Kaftal and Anna Więcek
455. PEŁC, Tadeusz, 22, farmer, living at Tarnawka, near Łańcut, Rzeszów pr.
shot by gendarms in 1942 for help offered to Jews
456. PEŻYK, Stanisław, living at Cisie, near Cegłów, Siedlce prov.
shot om June 28, 1943, with 24 villagers for sheltering Jews (see: 9)
457. PIASTUN, Michał, living in Lwów (city incorporated into the Ukraine)
sentenced to death by a special court of the commander of the SS and the Galician District Police for aiding Jews; announcement of Dec. 14, 1943
458. PIECHURA, Stefan, 33, farmer from Tarnawka, Near Łańcut, Rzeszów prov.
shot by SS from Łańcut on Dec. 27, 1943 for help rendered to Jews; died also Grzegorz Gajda (see: 130)
459. PIENKIEWICZ, Artur, living in Warsaw
arrested by Gestapo on Apr. 18, 1944 for sheltering in his house 2 Jewish women: Ela Złotnik and Rifka Szaniecka. Killed in the concentration camp Stutthof in 1945. Posthumously awarded the medal "Righteous Among the Nations
460. PIERZYŃSKA, Maria, from GwoĽdzieniec, near Zakliczyn, Tarnów prov."
shot on Jan. 20, 1944 by German military policemen from Zakliczyn, for sheltering Benjamin and Roman Sukman
461. PIETRAK, Leonard, 42, farmer, from Tomaszewice, near Jastków, Lublin pr.

462. PIETRAK, Maria 32, second wife of Leonard

463. PIETRAK, Stanisław, 22, Leonard’s son

surrounded in their home by Germans on Feb. 28, 1944; the house was destroyed by grenades and the Pietrak family shot for providing food and temporary accomodation to 2 Jewish partisans. Their farmhand, Franciszek Chęć and Stanisław Wierzbicki who lived in their house were also killed (see: 62, 646)
464. PIETRZYKOWSKI, Józef, doctor at Bobowa, Nowy Sącz prov.
arrested and shot at the turn of 1942 for providing medical help to a Jewish child
465. PILAWSKI, Władysław, living at Domaradz, near Krosno
shot by German gandarmes on June 26, 1942 for help rendered to Jews
466. PINKUS, Jan, living in Radom
sentenced to death with other people on Apr. 3, 1943 by a special court Radom for helping Sala Rubinowicz and Elka Szwarcman (see: 59-60)
467. PIRGA, Aleksandra, farmer, living at Kozłówek, near Strzyżów, Rzeszów pr.
shot by gendarmes with other people in June 1943 at Markuszowa for help to Jews hiding in the forest (see: 426)
468. PISKOREK, Kazimierz, railman, living in Kowel (city incorporated into the Soviet Ukraine)
killed by military police for taking a Jewish refugee, Szpulman, from Kowel to Chełmno at the turn of 1942. The Jewish family he sheltered escaped
469. PIWKO, Stanisław, 31, farmer, from Paulinów, near Sokołów Podlaski, Siedlce prov.
shot by an SS unit on Feb. 24, 1943 at Paulinów, in a group of 14 people, victims of a Nazi agent who pretended to be a Jewish fugitive (see: 14)
470. PŁATEK, Sylweriusz, living at Cisie, near Cegłów, Siedlce prov.

471. PŁATEK, Tomasz, his brother

shot on June 28, 1943 in a group of 25 villagers for sheltering Jews (see: 9)
472. PŁAWCZYŃSKA, Janina, over 70, living in Warsaw
died with Rena Laterner for helping Jewish insurgents to contact underground members on the "Arian" side and in sheltering them (see 324)
473. PODGÓRSKI, Piotr, 39, village watchman from Wierbka, near Pilica, Katowice prov.
shot by Gestapo in early January 1943 for withholding information from the authorities about Jews sheltered by Maria Rogozińska (see 514-515)
474. POKROPEK, Stefan, living in Warsaw
hoarded and supplied arms to the Warsaw ghetto, to the Jewish Fighting Organization (ŻOB) . On July 7 1943 German police forced its way into his flat, where he sheltered a Jewish insurgent: Tuvie Szejngut. Stefan committed suicide.
475. POLOŃSKI, Zenon, 20, living at Kozieniece, Kielce prov.
sentenced to death with other people by a special court in Radom, for helping Sala Rubinowicz and Elka Szwarcman, who escaped from the ghetto
476. POMYKAŁA, Łukasz, 47, from Przewrotne, near Głogów Małopolski, Rzeszów prov.

477. POMYKAŁA, Wojciech, 26

killed in a mass execution on Mar. 13, 1943 for feeding and sheltering Jews (see: 49-51)
478. PONIKOWSKA, Jadwiga, living in Warsaw
murdered by Gestapo at the end of 1942 in her boarding house, on Widok Str. 11, together with her sister Regina Prokulska, for sheltering a Jewish teacher and a Jewish girl who were also killed (see: 483)
479. POPIS, Henryk, 20, worker, living at Celestynów, near Otwock, Warsaw pr.
shot together with his friend, Jan Witek, in July or August, 1942, on the charge of sheltering Jews (see: 675)
480. POSŁUSZNY, Józef, living at Nowa Wie¶, near Rzeszów
shot by gendarmes in July 1944, together with the 4 Jews he sheltered
481. PREJZNER, Józef, 50, living at Wola Komborska, Krosno prov.

482. PREJZNER, Katarzyna, 45

shot by SS in October 1943, with two other Polish women and the two Jews whom they sheltered (see: 169)
483. PROKULSKA, Regina, living in Warsaw
murdered by Gestapo for sheltering in the boarding house of Jadwiga Ponikowska a Jewish teacher and a Jewish girl, killed with them. (see: 478)
484. PRÓCHNICKA, Ada, liason officer, living in Cracow
as a liason officer of the Cracow branch of the Relief Council for Jews (Rada Pomocy Żydom) "Żegota" she went several times to Lwów, to bring back Jewish women who were endangered there. She brought back Róża Kfare, Helena Szumańska, dr. Zina Paduchowa, Helena Ehrlich and others. Early in 1944 she was arrested on the train near Tarnów and murdered
485. PRUCHNIEWICZ, Józef, living at Biecz, near Jasło, Krosno prov.
shot by Gestapo in 1944 for sheltering the Plum family during 1942-44
486. PRZEKORA, Kazimierz, from Cielechowizna, near Mińsk Mazowiecki, Siedlce prov.
shot on July 2, 1943 at that village by military police from Mińsk, with the 3 Jews he sheltered
487. PRZE¦LAK, Helena, 58, primary school teacher at Jaworzno, Katowice prov.

488. PRZE¦LAK, Jan, head of the school at Jaworzno, her husband

arrested and imprisoned in Katowice, for sheltering several Jews in the school ;cellars. Transferred to Auschwitz on Aug. 26, 1942 and murdered there.
489. PRZYBYSZ, Jan, owner of a villa in Warsaw, Boernerowo district

490. PRZYBYSZ, (Christian name unknown) his wife

491. PRZYBYSZ, Jan’s sister

arrested at the end of 1943 or beginning of 1944 by Gestapo and military police for sheltering Jewish people. All shot in the meadows of Boernerowo
492. PRZYWODA, (Christian name unknown) 45, bricklayer, living at Kamionka Strumiłowa, near Lwów (city incorporated into the Soviet Ukraine)
murdered by gendarmes from Tarnopol in winter of 1943/44, together with a Jewish girl sheltered by him
493. PSIODA, Jan, 70, living at Jaworze Dolne, near Pilzno, Tarnów prov.

494. PSIODA, Wiktoria, 70, his wife

shot on Feb. 4, 1943, by Gestapo and Wehrmacht in a group of 4 farmers and 6 Jewish fugitives (see: 208)
495. PUĆ, Aniela 37, farmer, living at Zagórze, near Przeworsk, Przemy¶l prov.
shot in September 1943, together with Aron Goldman, sheltered by her
496. PUŁA, Franciszek, living at Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Cracow prov.
shot by gendarmes in March 1944, when they found a Jew hiding in his yard
497. PYRCAK, Michał, living at Sanok, Krosno prov.
arrested for his part in helping Jews, sent to the camp at Mauthausen, from where he never returned. Posthumously awarded the medal "Righteous Among Nations"

498. RACHTAN, Kazimierz, living in Cracow

seentenced to death by a special court of the commander of the SS and the Cracow District Police for associating with and helping Jewish people; Public announcement from Jan. 29, 1944
499. RACHWALSKA, Aleksandra, 35, living at Stara Wie¶, near Hrubieszów, \Zamo¶ć prov.
shot by Wehrmacht soldiers with a Jew and his 2-3 year old child sheltered by her